Titan The Robot

“Bringing technology to the events and helping you create memorable events that people talk about with their friends and colleagues.
TITAN is a partially-mechanised robot which perfomed tricks for the audience and its comedic antics were adored by children and adults alike. Golden hornet organized TITAN for Ministry of Tourism of Qatar in summer 2019

Khor Mall

“Festival of flavors in Khor Mall was organized by us and and it was billed as a feast for every appetite. Visitors tasted different foods and it was the most fabulous food experience your tastebuds could imagine. “


“OOREDO Marathon was a charity event organized by us as a way to bring people together, encourage them to live healthier lifestyles and give back to the community. Funds raised from entry fees were donated to numerous charities in Qatar.”


Enjoy a day full of nostalgia, with sports day. Take a stroll down memory lane with our fantastic Sports Day event. Full of fun, entertainment and laughter this team-build comes complete with all the classic races, perfect to suit all ages and abilities. Our sports day event can be tailored to suit your brief, requirements and participants, some of our most popular activities include :
1. Warriors challenge
2. Archery
3. Caterpillar traverse